James Outterside

I'm a professional web developer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, with over 6 years experience, specialising in development using python & the django framework.

I have been developing websites & applications full time since graduating with a degree in Internet Computing in 2008. Working in both the private and higher education sectors.

Current Job

I currently work full time as a Web Developer for the Learning Technologies for Medical Sciences team at Newcastle University.

Skills / Experience 

  •  BSc Internet Computing
  •  Django
  •  Python
  •  HTML
  •  CSS
  •  jQuery
  •  MySQL
  •  PHP
  •  Javascript
  •  XML
  •  UNIX
  •  Bootstrap
  •  solr
  •  django-cms
  •  Version control - GIT/SVN

Stack Overflow

You might occasionally see me answering django questions on Stack Overflow. Check out my profile:

profile for JamesO at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers